The sensual dance of brows

Today it sprinkled. That was really annoying to the CEO when we walked outside for lunch. The CEO had a phone interview so we had to make lunch snappy. We ended up getting sandwiches at a small restaurant nearby. They were not tasty nor snappy plus it rained.

We talked about potentially pivoting as a business.

I got organic lemonade! So sweet! So sour!

The Head of Marketing broke up with his girlfriend. In order to flee her grasp he is flying out of town. They split up yesterday. She went out and had sex with another dude named Kefir, like the yogurt not like the Sutherland. The Head of Marketing tried to have sex with someone else too but it didn’t work out – I guess his PR skillz ain’t there. He was pretty excited about his trip. Evidently the girls in other towns like men with unibrows.

Anyways he seemed really glad of his new independence. He even showed off his newfound independence today by getting a salad instead of a sandwich like the rest of us. 

I did some more cord wrapping today. I also listed items on ebay for sale. I’m quickly becoming an ebay specialist. Sometimes I wish I could sell my coworkers away. I wonder how much the Head of Marketing’s “girlfriend” would pay for him.

The graphic designer has the controller to the music and kept changing my goth music downstairs to Miley Cyrus. At first I was confused then I remembered that Hanna Montana went goth for a minute and so I felt okay.

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