Hot spot

The last few days have been busy… actually no they haven’t but that hasn’t stopped me from bearing the emotional fatigue of going somewhere that I feel blasé about it.

The next door neighbors haven’t been sharing my uncaring attitude of late as the CEO has parked his second Mercedes Benz in their spot. Unable to open his car trunk (where he left his keys) for the last few days the CEO did what any CEO would do, roll out his bigger, more expensive, SUV into the company parking lot.

First the neighbors emailed me asking me who the second Benz belonged to. In my remedial proletariat life I’ve never encountered someone who had a Benz much less two so I replied that it was all a mystery. I finally figured out that only the CEO could be rich enough that he would have two Benz to park in too many spots. The neighbor and I went back and forth about parking spots for a bit.

to Milton Waddams
ok, the mercedes will have to move then, asap.
currently Dumbjob has cars in #1-3.
Milton Waddams <>
to Neighbor

Yeah we’ll move the mercedes as soon as we can.

to Milton Waddams
great, we’ll need it soon. our CEO is coming back from meetings, eta 15 min.
I did not respond to the neighbor’s email. I bet their CEO had to use street parking like a fucking peasant. I’m glad I was able to support my CEO’s laziness and inconsiderateness for a little while by not addressing an issue. Hurrah for the team productivity cheerleader.
These parking issues won’t be an issue for much longer as the realtor came in with papers for the CEO to sign. We’ve gotten out of our lease, but we have yet to find a place to move to. I imagine that we will move into the CEO’s parent’s pool house as he recently moved back into his house proper. He even took up his old room from high school.
“Was it nostalgic,” the Engineer asked him.
“Nah. I had all these garbage trophies in there. Like soccer participation trophies from the sixth grade. I got medals for just showing up. I wasn’t even that good,” the CEO said. I suppose the whole company is sort of like a trophy for the CEO. It’s just something that he got for showing up and it’s not because he’s that good.
On a positive note the fake fish, rubber chicken, and whoopie cushion came in that I’d ordered off Amazon. The whoopie cushion is quite large and makes an echoing flatulent sound when sat on.

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