New Security Guard

The cousin came in again. I tried to ignore her. On our way out for lunch we brainstormed potential positions should could fulfill.

“How about she become our new Security guard,” the CEO said.

“I don’t know if she would really be able to stop anyone from doing anything,” the Graphic Designer said.

“Yeah she would basically let anyone into the building,” I said.

“Well look at how the Head of Marketing is kept reigned in though,” the Engineer replied.

We all conceded that the cousin does indeed wear the pants in the family. We may end up hiring her for security after all.

For lunch we went to a fancy Mexican restaurant. The CEO had a phone call to take so came inside a little after the rest of us. There was a spot next to the Graphic Designer for the CEO to take. The Graphic Designer looked bummed as the CEO only talks about business during hangout sessions. The CEO regaled us today with his entrepreneurial skills. When he was in high school he would buy iphones and sell them overseas. He even cooked up a scam so he could get free shipping. He made $150 off each phone which is pretty good for a kid in high school. I’m not sure his skills followed him after school though. When the Engineer asked him what he did with the money he replied that he invested the money into the market.

The Engineer had to do some in house interviews today. A handful of bland ass dudes came in and the Engineer introduced us all to them. He skipped over my job title, “office lackey.”

The Graphic Designer shook hands with some of the new interviewees today. He stayed seated. Later he regretted his potential breech of civil conduct.

“I probably should have stood when I shook their hands,” he said. “Actually fuck it I’m glad I stayed seated.”

I stayed seated as well. I didn’t give it one thought.

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