Birthday Party

The Engineer was mad at internet feminists this morning. He foamed at the mouth for a few minutes and spat out some angry diatribes on Facebook. Evidently he won’t be attending his high school reunion anytime soon.

The Graphic Designer asked the Engineer when we would be moving.

“I don’t know,” the Engineer replied.

“What!? You are the right hand man. You are the Goebbels to the CEO’s Hitler,” the Graphic Designer replied.

The CEO had an important lunch meeting to go to so we had lunch at some fancy wine place. We talked about our adolescent sexual experiences. I wish I had could have contributed but I had nothing to talk about. Womp womp.

Evidently the Office Lesbian talked about terrible closeted girls that she banged. Despite the wonderful orgasms some women were so shameful of their sexuality that they would leave the Office Lesbian notes about their inability to ever see her again. It made us all a little sad so we drank some more. Then we remembered we had to go back to work so we drank even more. There is the shame of desire and there is the shame of labor. What a sick sad world we live in.

The shame of desire and the shame of labor

Today was the Graphic Designer’s birthday! Huzzah! I went to Safeway and got him an ice cream cake. The Office Lesbian drew a stick figure snowboarding on a penis for him. It was a wonderful design.

Riding that peen

Riding that peen

“Ice Cream makes everything better,” the CEO said.

The four of us in office, the Office Lesbian, the Engineer, the Graphic Designer and I had one on ones with the CEO today. One of us lost our jobs. The ice cream cake did not make anything better.

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